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Pour tous les parisiens, nous en profitons pour vous rappeler le concert avec Girma demain soir (vendredi 27 mai) au Studio de l'Ermitage à 21h00. C'est l'occasion de voir en Live les morceaux que nous avons travaillés avec lui pour le disque.


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Girma Bèyènè & Akalé Wubé : The Album of a Great Comeback


Under the direction of Francis Falceto (producer of the famous Ethiopiques series), Girma and Akalé Wubé will be joining forces again and enter the studio in May 2016 to immortalise this rebirth. The resulting album will be released in the fall of 2016 under the prestigous label BUDA MUSIC. And all our backers will be receiving this album before the rest of the world!


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Sous la direction de Francis Falceto (producteur de la célèbre série Ethiopiques) Girma et Akalé Wubé se retrouveront fin mai en studio pour immortaliser cette renaissance. Le disque sortira à l'automne 2016 sur le prestigieux label BUDA MUSIQUE. Nos contributeurs recevront leur exemplaire en avant première !


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Akalé Wubé sur TV5 MONDE





Akalé Wubé feat. Girma Béyéné sur Tracks (ARTE)


Après vingt-cinq ans d’absence, Girma Bèyènè, la légende du Swinging Addis (période musicale faste de la capitale éthiopienne) sort de l'oubli.


Voila le reportage d'Arte sur le retour de Girma et son concert avec Akalé Wubé en septembre 2015.



Mèmona (Etienne de la Sayette Remix)


'Mèmona' is a traditional Ethiopian piece from the Tigray Region (the northernmost of the nine ethnic regions of Ethiopia), played at weddings. Akalé Wubé discovered the song as sung by Tèwèldè Rèdda on the 'Éthiopiques 5: Tigrigna Music 1970-1975' compilation from Buda Musique, released in 1999. They covered it in their third album 'Sost', and it has since grown into one of the great rockin' jams in their setlists. Nonetheless, saxophone and flute player from the band Etienne de la Sayette has decided to try his producing chops on a remix, trying to bring the tune into a gritty psychedelic afro-rock trip, with lots of sanza...


Paris DJs


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Akalé Wubé remix feat. RacecaR


"Following up on Paris DJs tradition of reworking songs using only their vocal part to build a brand new intrumental to back it, Parisian Ehio-Jazz band Akalé Wubé has decided to try their organic jazz chops on an a cappela from Chicago MC RacecaR.


Originally produced by Grant Phabao as an unstoppable afro-funk-hip-hop monster, this 'Return Of The Dig-Fu (Akalé Wubé Remix)' keep its rhymes evoking the digger's lust for the vinyl rare groove, but replaces the afrofunk with some deep, smokey jazz. The soothing flute solo near the end confirms the first impression: there's a blazing sense of purpose here."


Paris DJs





Akalé Wubé & Girma Béyéné



Our meeting with Ethiopian music legend Girma Béyéné in September was a huge success, and his come back to the music scene sealed and sorted!


Below is a short video commemorating the incredible show we gave together after a 2 week residency at our studio in Paris.


Here are a few interesting articles about the event :


Liberation  /  Le Monde


This is only the beginning of a new fantastic collaboration!



Akalé Wubé & Cheick Tidiane Seck


Here are a few cool photos form our gig with Cheick Tidiane Seck in Paris last October. Photos by Olivier Brosseau.




Akalé Wubé feat. Manu Dibango on 45 vinyl !


Now out on Prado Records! A 2 track 45t vinyl featuring "African Pop Session" and "Ekedy", both tracks recrtoded live with the incredible Manu Dibango!


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