Le Monde - february 2017

...the septuagenarian seems reborn when he is in contact with the lucid musical spirit of these young impressive musicians...



Télérama - january 2017

...a collection of melodies and insistent dizzying brass parts which complement perfectly the old crooner's swing...



Libération - january 2017

...the result leaves you blissfully happy...



Jeune Afrique - february 2017

...but the sound makes you want to uncontrollably move your whole head and body...



Lylo - january 2017

...a captivating album...



Les Inrocks - january 2017

...the Akalé Wubé musicians have never swinged so hard and with so much eagerness, never played with such joy...



FIP - january 2017

...fourteen tracks which elate us with happiness thanks to this music otherwise considered as subversive, a joyful groove that wears no make up...



France Inter - january 2017 of the most important figures of that scene is now seventy years old, but his groove is intact...



Jazz Radio - january 2017

...he provides us with a refreshing sound, reinvigorating and with no borders...



Culture Jazz - january 2017 authentic and sincere album, which lets through a very touching fragility...



fRoots - march 2017


...a soft, lived-in voice oozing a Johnny Cash-like grandeur and statesmanship with which Beyene navigates a number of moods, with Akale Wube’s fulsome funky backing...







Le Monde - march 2013

"...A clear and owned influence, transformed into a musical invitation which has character and grooves with materly confidence...” - Patrick Labesse



Les Inrocks – june 2012

“...A joyful and scorching groove, which makes you wish you’re basking in Addis Abeba...”


“...The trumpet player Paul Bouclier and the others mix an impeccable groove and a toureg fantasy. Jubilant!...”


“...An excellent debut album...” (Francis Dordor)



Télérama – september 2012

“...Not bad at all !” TT



Télérama – apil 2012

“...The seventies swing from Addis Abeba reinvented by a Parisian quintet in top form on their new album “Mata”...”



FIP – july 2012

“...A breathtaking album...”



Mondomix - march/april 2012

“...The fans who are already conquered have only to applaud. All the others have no choice but to follow suit. Now...” (Franck Cochon)



Vibrations - april 2012

“...Afrobeat and funk shake up the traditional repertoire and the original compositions - all successful - deploy their contagious grooves...” (Éric Delhaye)


“...Akalé Wubé transcribe the ethiopian grooves, and take them to another level of futuristic psychedelia...” (Romain Grosman)



Jazz News – may 2012

“...In this cross fertilization project, the Parisian quintet (and their guests) make their own this kaleidoscopic aesthetic and use the flute like a touareg fantasy around a hypnotic groove...”


“...The quintet continue their mix with a second record which boosts the ethiopian cadences...”



Soul Bag - june 2012

“...And we embark with pleasure on this trip into the best of ethiopian sounds proposed to us by the group Akalé Wubé, brass and percussions leading the way...”



Point de vue – may 2012

“...Their second album Mata glides over the origins of the swinging Addis, makes all the fusion emerge and innovates through hints of rock or funk...”



Direct Matin – april 2012

“...To be heard repeatedly and definitely not to be missed live...”



Qe Tal Paris – april 2012

“...This second album proves the impeccable mastery of the group who (...) play through all the scales and subtilities of ethio-jazz...”



Jeune Afrique – april 2012

“...Instrumental, their music has character and grooves with elegance...”



Jazz Magazine - june 2012

“...David Georgelet, Loïc Réchard and Oliver Degabriele rhythm away these arrangements with joy, Etienne de la Sayette’s flute brings a particular grace to this quintet plus their guests...” – may 2012

“...Akalé Wubé revisits Ethiopian urban music of the 60s with talent and conviction...” (Olivier Bailly)


“...Akalé Wubé revisit urban ethiopian music with talent and conviction...”



Nouvelle Vague – june 2012

“...Akalé Wubé is a group to follow!...”



So Jazz – june 2012 – Interview



Vibrations - march 2012 - Interview








Rolling Stone

“...This cocktail of vintage jazz-funk Eritrean music is the UFO which will make us regret that the aliens have been so discreet all this time...” (Philippe Blanchet)




“...Definitely one of those records to play at the end of the night...” (Gilles Peterson)




“...Akalé Wubé makes you dance and float in space at the same time...” (Emmanuelle Honorin)



France Inter

"...A slightly new-yorkish, sober jazz-funk ... it is a true revelation..." (Arnaud Viviant, Système Disque)



“...Inspired by an ethiopian sound, Akalé Wub´ churns out a retro-futuristic soundtrack which makes you dance head to toes...” (Allo la Planète)



France Info

“...To relish...” (Info Musique)




“...The quintet’s repertoire draws from “ethio-jazz” greats (Mulatu Astatké, Alemayehu Eshete, Mahmoud Ahmed...) and proposes a subtle chemistry between faithful covers and fresh arrangements, revisited standards and rarities as well as personal compositions...”




“...Akalé Wubé from Paris, a mix of garage rock and vintage jazz, with a touch of soul…and a small dose of reggae...”



Marie France

“...Vintage and modern at the same time. A far away, forgotten land, painted in vivid colours...”



So Jazz

“...Be it an unbridled groove, or a more swinging one, Akalé Wubé always succeed in laying the groundwork of an original version...” (Jacques Denis)








“...These jazz musicians take a bold shot at these swingin’ Addis standards from the seventies. The 2010 version of ethiopian swing is exquisite...”




“...The quintet personalises the genre by injecting their own compositions and influences. And they avoid the pitfall of the weak copy without betraying the spirit of this music made up of mixtures and encounters.  Close your eyes, the Danakil is right there.  Two metro stations away...”



Citizen Jazz

“...What these 12 tracks have in common is an amazing sound, a sober and stripped down production, and above all some entrancing compositions, played with a contagious sense of fun.  We’ll be waiting impatiently for the next installment...”



The Reporter

“...when you see them playing it makes you think how they are doing great, trying to introduce Ethiopian music and pass it down to the next generation...”




“...Akalé Wubé transcribe the ethiopian grooves, and take them to another level of futuristic psychedelia...” (Romain Grosman)




“...Very faithful to the artistic material from which they are inspired, Akalé Wubé nevertheless forged their own identity with this surprisingly modern return to the past…” (Michaël Mélinard)


“...The quintet succeeds brilliantly in this challenge...”



The Fader

“...It’s made by a bunch of Parisian cats who decided to become the Antibalas/Dap-Kings/El Michels Affair of Ethiojam and succeeded beyond their wildest dreams...”



Addis Tunes

The all instrumental French quintet Akale Wube was born in 2008 from the magnificent thigh of Ethiopian musical legacy – well almost, at least born from the “...One of the most interesting aspects of all instrumental bands is how creative they get at transposing and reinterpreting the sung parts of a composition, and Akale Wube's repertoire is naturally based on songs.  It is on this line of audio-pleasure that they strike...” (Nadia Ghanem)



Paris Capitale

“...This quintet play music taken from the ethiopian jazz groove repertoire of the seventies.  They play it so well, I would swear that they're from Addis Abeba...”




“...Because finally there is nothing else that counts except to groove.  The French have understood this long ago...”



M la Musique

“...The band has re-discovered the secret to the most incredible African soundtrack of the sixties (...) a great way to create their own version of a long lost repertoire, and to rekindle this flame...”




“...The five members of Akalé Wubé reinterpret and rearrange not only known pieces from the greatest (Eshèté, Astatqé…), but also adding their own compositions with a great feeling of belonging...”



Intra Muros

“...The result is jubilatory, playful and opens up new horizons for this genre...” (J-P. B. Calameo)



Mille Feuille

“...Akalé Wubé make no faux pas on their debut album...” (Mathias K.)



Les Dernières Nouvelles du Jazz

“...WIth a lot of sincerity and by mixing ethiopian tradition with afro idioms, Akalé takes the risk of inventing the "ethio-parisian-jazz" and they manage perfectly...”  (Jerôme Grandsac)



Inside World Music

"...Akale Wube's efforts are well-received and they do the music justice without reverting to super-dubbed dance beats..."



Culture Jazz

“...At the roots of reggae, at the crossroad of jazz and rock, interpreted with the necessary ardor, great subtlety and brilliance, played by musicians of a high level...”



Musiques Impures

“...A magnificent surprise, worthy of the Ethiopiques collection...”



Parisiens du bout du monde

“...On stage, the Parisians forming Akalé Wubé summon the furious psychedelic spirit of the ethio-jazz of the seventies…playing the standards of the masters of this genre without fault or false pretensions...”



Keyboard Magazine

“...A debut album perfectly executed, full of class and seriously promising.  To be urgently discovered...”

“...Akalé Wubé have achieved in 2 albums what many cannot do in a decade. They have defined their own style: a mix of refinement, mystery and virtuosity...”




“...Warmly recommended...” - Vincent Caffiaux



Juice 107.2 (Brighton – UK)

“...Love this album. Great feel for the Ethiopian sound, but more importantly great musicianship. Been playinmg this track regularly...”



Global Radio

“...Habíamos esperado mucho para esto, exelente!...”



Urgente FM

“...Although Ethio-jazz is not a novelty anymore, this is a great track, well played, and I will play it on our radio...”



Radio 97.3 Richmond USA

“...These Frenchmen definitely know their Ethio-jazz; nicely done...”



Imer Adio (Mexique)




RPL 106.9 La Paz (Bolivia)

“...Buen ritmo. Una orquestación provocante y un estilo original. Puede gustar....”



Funkhaus Europa WDR

“...Recherche musicale intéressante!...”



East Side FM (USA)

“...Great sound, more jazzy than the original version...”